Holland Park Baby

Written by: Zanita Whittington


So a week after promising to post these images ‘tomorrow’… here they are! My editorial with my gorgeous Aussie friend, Gemma Sanderson (Storm) – a kind of collab between the pair of us, featuring both of our wardrobes. My week in London was filled with a few projects – including this one, a collaboration with my old agency Models1 and their new faces division – and a secret project to be revealed soon! London is an amazing town, there’s so much to see. I spent about a half a year living in Shepherd’s Bush (like any good Aussie) a few years back and my return filled me with nostalgia for good times in this beautiful and exciting place. I hope I get to head back very soon – but for now I’m in Perth in my new home. So far away! Looking forward however, to flying to Sydney tomorrow to work on a whole load of new collaborations. Its also been over three months since I’ve seen all my best buddies! Can’t wait.