Tine Incredible II

Written by: Zanita Whittington


So here we go as promised in my last post – my shoot with gorgeous curvy babe, Tine Schoemaker. The story behind this shoot is that I featured Tine’s portrait on my blog years ago – I’ll never forget it because it was around the time I took a bit of a hiatus from updating and left the images up as my last post for over month. My two best friends who are the biggest fans of my blog had to have an intervention with me because of my frustrating lack of updates and because of how every time they check my blog all they saw were these images of Tine! I’m sure when they check this post they will have a laugh about it. Tine contacted me when I was in Antwerp last and upon my return to the city we arranged to meet up and do this shoot – Tine Incredible round II! I love how the shots have turned out, Tine is a great model and has such an amazing figure. We shot these in my hotel room with Tine’s own clothing – so easy! It is a bit annoying how you can’t really find editorial standard clothing for plus sized figures but we make do. Simple and sensual works for me.

model, Tine Schoemaker (Brigitte and Hughes Models)

clothing, Tine’s own