The Collaboration

Written by: Zanita Whittington

Presenting a selection of images from my collaboration with Jess Stein (Tuula) in Florence and Italy, some of my favourite pics. The three shoots are the result of a journey Jess and I have shared, first shooting together perhaps 6 months ago (HERE) and in that time getting to know each other really well and committing to go on this amazing European trip together. Each location we shot at was utterly breathtaking and I feel so lucky to not just shoot there but to have been able to visit each of these wonderous sites – the rooftop of the Milano Duomo a particular highlight, I’ve really never seen anything like it! It was really a matter of all the right elements falling into place, each location is a tourist hotspot so we had to rise pretty early to avoid the crowds but also to capture the great morning light. Gratefully Jess and I don’t exactly look like a professional fashion editorial team (at first glance ahah!) so we were never hassled by security – though I’m sure if I was handling a relector we would have been booted out quick fast and in a hurry. I really wonder if anyone else has shot an editorial at the Milano Duomo – its so dramatic!

I’m sure you’ve all seen the shoots in their entirety on Jess’s blog but if not the links are below.

Shoot 1 (Firenze Duomo)

Shoot 2 (Ponte Vecchio)

Shoot 3 (Milano Duomo)