Super Blue!

Written by: Zanita Whittington

Sincere apologies for these super grainy images – they were shot in very low light in one of the alleys off Melbournes Flinders Lane at at 4pm when there’s not alot of light to play with – something I’m not accustomed to after spending the last month in Europe where the daylight just keeps giving! In order to distract you from the poor image quality I’ve opted to flex my model posing muscle and use some hectic filters. Blue on blue on blue! Can’t get enough. In fact I was staring at my suitcase just this afternoon and I figured out that around 70 percent of the clothing in the bag was some shade of blue. Time to relax in the hue i think? Probably doesn’t help that today I purchased both blue vans and a blue skirt. Dumbass. Its not even my favourite colour! (its green btw)

So Melbourne is a fabulous town, I’ve eaten at some sensational restaurants (Chin Chins, Cumulus Inc) and managed to find some time to chill and shake of my jetlag…. barely. I’m in town to shoot a campaign for a great Aussie brand and I can’t wait to share the details with you all very soon. Flying back to Amsterdam on Thursday though, quite the flying visit and thats how I like it. Love to jetset and grateful for it too.

jacket, Isabel Marant

skirt, Corso Corso (similar)

tee and bag, Zara

shoes, Vans

watch, TW Steel