Stellar Stella

Written by: Zanita Whittington

pics, Jess Stein

So I’m sure you know by now that Jess (Tuula) and I are in Florence Italy and one of the reasons we’re here is to participate in the blogger event Firenze 4 Ever with LuisaViaRoma. Part of the event included taking part in StyleLab, where each blogger got to shoot and style a look or few from the winter collections currently in the LuisaViaRoma Store. Being that Jess and I were in Style Lab 4 on the last day there was a challenge to score a great look that another blogger hadn’t claimed first… fortunately this Stella McCartney number – a dress that I’ve featured a few times on my blog before – was mine for the taking. I had a slightly out of character very girly freak out over this dress and happily sported its scuba and wool fabulousness in 30 degree heat. It was love.

Jess and I raced around the corner of the store to snap these pics, avoiding the hundreds and hundreds of people gathered outside the entrance that had gathered on a rumour than Madonna herself was inside, to snap these in a quieter side street. Time was of the essence and with no room to feel self conscious, a group of people hanging out, making (supposedly) rude comments and snapping pics of our little shoot I hastily posed up a storm. I just wanted to do the dress justice and look back on the images, pretend this amazing Stella McCartney dress was something that was nestled in my own closet at home.

I miss you Stella McCartney Scuba dress!!!

I’ll be posting the second look I styled up for Style Lab very soon, hope you like x


dress, Stella McCartney

neoprene booties, Pierre Hardy