Repeat Repeat

Written by: Zanita Whittington


Is it really so bad to do a repost? I was trawling my archives the other day, reminding myself of why I starting blogging and what inspired me about it and I’ve decide to drag up a few old faithfuls to share with my newer readers. I taught myself photography and digital editing from just taking self portraits of myself and made a whole series of them… these are a couple favourites, a serendipitous discovery with my tripod and the bathroom mirror… also learnt a trick with layers on this day. The third shot marks the day I discovered the projector. Little steps!


I haven’t had time to create anything new (damn you rainy weather!) and don’t like to leave it too long between drinks (so to speak) so recycling is the next best option. On another note it’s now three sleeps until I fly northward , chasing summer to attend Firenze4Ever with Luisa Via Roma and then onwards throughout Europe to hunt down my favourite bloggers and do shoots with each of them! SO EXCITED!