Written by: Zanita Whittington

Its sincerely the highest compliment to be featured for your personal style on a website like Style.com or GQ.com so I’m delighted to share these pics even though I’m pretty uncomfortable and sweating my ass off in each one…. particularly this last shot! I’m clearly not impressed haha! Note also my ‘observing the crowd’ stance. I’m such a power tripper hah.

Thanks so much to Tommy Ton (style.com) and Sean Hotchkiss (GQ.com) for taking these shots – allowing me to give you an insight into what I wore on these days. It was seriously scorching (37 degrees) while I was shooting at Pitti Uomo and I really didn’t have anything in my suitcase that allowed me to be comfortable i.e. white cotton sundress and an umbrella hat. Thankfully it was slightly (only slightly!) cooler in Milan so my hair didnt look like such a sweaty mess. The things we do for FASHION!

Outfit 1, Day 1 Pitti Uomo

jacket, Bettina Liano

headband, Sportgirl

shirt, Something Else

shorts, Zara

sunglasses, Rayban


outfit 2, Day 1 Milano Mens Fashion Week

shirt, Equipment

belt, Zara

skirt, COS

sunglasses, RayBan

bag, Alexander Wang


Outfit 3, Day 2 Pitti Uomo

shirt, Zara

shorts, Witchery

hat, Icon Brand

bag, Alexander Wang

sunglasses, Ray Ban