Shoutout! Kolonel Mustard

Written by: Zanita Whittington

Its great when I find the time to trawl the internet to find new blogs, there are some absolute winners out there and the blog of Ben Galbraith – Kolonel Mustard – is certainly no exception. I first discovered Ben on and what piqued my interest most besides his flawless sense of personal style was that this guy… he’s an Aussie! So I’m going to put it out there… Aussie blokes are pretty notorious for not really having much interest in personal style, the men’s fashion market here is incredibly commericial and most dudes play it pretty safe when playing dress up. So props to Ben for being one of the more dapper gents I’ve ever come across not only online but in the general Aussie population. I mean… this guy knows how to rock a suit!! So check out Ben’s blog HERE because he’s an incredibly cool guy and he’s got his talented bro to take some awesome pics of his daily attire. You won’t be sorry.