Pretty Pretty

Written by: Zanita Whittington

Perhaps the most perfectly hue pastel floral collection I’ve ever laid eyes on, Zimmerman‘s recent S/S was a barrage of delicate shades contrasted with pretty punk hair do’s and some bad-ass Mania Mania earrings.  I felt like something very 80’s came through the collection but I’m not really awesome at discussing fashion other than to repeat “Amazing” and “Beautiful”  consistantly….so I won’t elaborate further other than to say I really want any of the jackets and vests that floated out onto the catwalk in my wardrobe next summer. These pieces were really something to treasure and the incredible detail going into the design and construction of every garment are really testament to the Zimmerman sister’s talent and  the labels ever increasing popularity. This collection features the floral trend is an edgy way that I can really get behind.

Photos by me.