Written by: Zanita Whittington

I could never refer to myself as a trendsetter… cos just like so many of you, I’m a total fangirl. Right now – it’s sneaker heels… and I know I’m a bit late to the party but whatever. They are really working for me now particularly these Ash white sneaks which I’ve been eyeing off for ages but have never committed due to being a total fence sitter when it came to the trend. Now I’m wholeheartedly devoted and just wait, I’m going to own at least five pairs by the time this year is out! Digging the black pair too… and the pastel. SIGH. Enjoying wearing this Estelle Deve piece it really makes me feel like a badass.

Thanks go so much to Jess for loaning me her bright Zara knit and once again snapping these pics. A great comfy outfit for a simple lunch at a cafe by the beach… followed by scarfing salted caramel macaroons and having a lazy afternoon at home, using my laptop and laying in the sun. My new Ash sneaks are best friends with my Golf Wang. Love.

knit, Zara

bag, Alexander Wang

necklace, Estelle Deve

sneakers, Ash or this colour!

shorts, Witchery (similar)

watch, TW Steel