Hey Boy

Written by: Zanita Whittington

Photos, Jessica Stein

I’m sure its pretty clear by now that one of my prefered ways to dress is just like a boy. I was a bit of a tomboy growing up on the farm – always making huts from sticks and riding motorbikes with my male cousins and neighbours. Dressing girly and pretty-like, while I love it, sometimes makes me a feel a bit uncomfortable… so my safe place, my go-to outfit – is jeans, tshirt and sneakers. This outfit is an example of my casual everyday attire, relaxed fit, not particularly trend driven, classic. Actually this look kinda has a James Dean ‘Rebel without a Cause’ feel about it – if I wore it sans cap and embroidery.

Its about 10pm right now which means its way past my bedtime… I don’t usually blog in the evenings because once I get sleepy I go on some weird tangent with my writing and second guess everything I’ve written, deleting it all… so time wasted. I’m doing my best to blog as often as possible though – doing pretty well!

Hope ya’ll had an awesome weekend!

bomber, Something Else by Natalie Wood

jeans, Just Jeans

shoes and tee, Zara (Mens)

hat, General Pants

watch, TW Steel

cuff, Tiffany’s