You bring your camera too

Written by: Zanita Whittington

All photos, Sean and Seng

I really can’t get enough the cool phenomenon known as ‘photographer duo’s’ lately, lead by the incomparable Inez and Vinoodh and followed by the likes of Knoepfel and Indlekofer (who I’ve featured before), Daniele and Iango, Driu and Tiago, Sanchez and Mongiello, Delorme and Sy and finally relative newcomers Sean and Seng. I have had my eye on these last two over the past couple years and love their work, they really bring an artistic element to fashion photography, along with a darkness and raw sensuality. I love their use of silhouette.

Wondering now what it’d be like to partner with a fellow photographer to work on a shoot and precisely how the dynamic would work. I’ve seen video of Inez and Vinoodh working and as far as I could tell, they both use a camera each, Inez gives direction and Vinoodh acts like ‘a fly on the wall’. They alternate between selections from both cameras. They must really have a creative connection when it comes to the editing and selection process. What I’d do to be an assistant on their team!!

I’ve linked each photo duo’s site for you to check out, theres some pretty amazing work in there. This is a definative case of two heads being better than one/.