Run The Night

Written by: Zanita Whittington


In the course of my career as a model I’ve had to make staying in shape a major priority… but to be honest I’m not really good at dieting, rather, I tend to exercise like a banshee and running is at the top of my work-out to do list. Most unfortunately the last year has left me with a few injuries which has forced me to cut back on pounding the pavement but a new cause has inspired to repeat visit my physiotherapist and start small… in the hope that I can join my girls Margaret, Nicole and Sara in ‘taking back the night’ and being a part of Nike’s She Runs The Night, legging it around Centennial Park during the evening for a great cause – liberating women everywhere to take to the streets after dark to run and be vital and healthy.

What do you all think of our customised ad? Photographed by yours truly and starring my fellow FELLT babes. Thanks so much to Nike for allowing me to be involved in this unique and exciting campaign!

Please check out the Nike facebook for more info on how you can join the four of us in this evening jaunt around Centennial Park HERE. RUN THE NIGHT!!