Magic Eye

Written by: Zanita Whittington


I managed to convince Evan to snap some pictures of my outfit in the fading light of Saturday afternoon, me wearing perhaps the tallest heels I’ve ever owned – standing next to Evan we’re around the same height – and he’s 6’4! Thankfully they are very easy to walk (and dance!) in so I gladly wore them out on the town, feeling a little bit cowgirl and a little bit Magic Eye. These shorts are definately going on high rotation – I do love good pieces in my wardrobe that can moonlight as pyjamas. Right now I have quite a few outfits planned for the next couple weeks but after that I think things might get tricky for me… I’m presently  and indefinitely living out of my suitcase pending a move to Perth, with only a few pairs of shoes (the humanity!) and a collection of clothing that should mix and match pretty well. Time to get creative!

P.S. Don’t look to closely at the top, its not really a Magic Eye 😉

top, Something Else by Natalie Wood

shorts, Witchery

boots, Windsor Smith

pony hair shopper, Zara