Like, Lady

Written by: Zanita Whittington

Exercising my ladylike muscle right now with this cute skirt and peter pan collar combo. Managed to scam the smallest amount of rain-free day to snap these pics – whats happening with the sky? The worst thing about bad weather is people will not shut up about the weather! And being a photographer I’m double the offender. The clogs are actually amazing rainy/warmer day footwear, elevating you above the puddles. Handy!

I still have a few of these trenchcoats available for sale but I stupidly packed them up in my house and sent them all West so I don’t have any available at the present. If you’d like to purchase one feel free to email me and I’ll put you on a list, let you know once I have access to them again.


shirt, Something Else by Natalie Wood

coat, Zanita

skirt, Secret Squirrel

clogs, Zanita for Funkis

sunglasses, Karen Walker