Lazy Sunday

Written by: Zanita Whittington

I love lazy Sundays, having a long, late breakfast with friends, watching movies back to back. The ideal day to sport some more casual attire –  and my very favourite jeans which I love for their pure relaxed comfort. No surprise there! They’re mens jeans from Kmart and I’ve had them for around 3 years… all that sunday schleping and lounging has led them to mould so well to my shape and become just so incredibly soft, like pyjama pants made from denim. Another feature of this look – my sensational Audiotechnica headphones which has become a near permanent fixture on my head and turned me into quite the antisocial music fanatic. I’m slightly worried one of my friends will steal them from me because of my constant ignorance, being lost in sweet tunes instead of socialising with my crew. I really can’t help it, I just love having the music in my head!!! I’m totally addicted to them. Being totally enthralled by Active Child’s album You Are All I See hasn’t helped either.

Serendipitously my fellow FELLT blogger Margaret is holding a giveaway on her blog to win a set of headphones right now so head over HERE to be in the running!!


velvet blazer, Toi Et Moi

destroyed tee, Stylestalker

jeans, Kmart

shoes, Gmarket

bag, Stylestalker

sunglasses, AMEYEWEAR

cuff (worn throughout my entire blog!), Tiffany

headphones, Audiotechnica