Cast Me Bec and Bridge Part 1

Written by: Zanita Whittington

Last week I was invited to the Bec and Bridge studio to scope of their new range and check out all the gorgeous models who were doing the rounds of casting for MBFW. It was pretty sensational to be on the otherside of this experience, particularly when every second girl was someone I knew, who I’d  modeled with in the past or perhaps worked with on a test shoot. I wish I could give away an insight into the collection! Unfortunately you’ll have to wait until the show next week – can’t believe how MBFW has creeped up on me! I’m going to be all over fashion week like a rash…

1. Melissa Johannesen

2. Amanda Ware

3. Model Cards

4. Alice Burdeu

5. Tessa May Petrou

6. Ruby Jean Wilson

7. Julia Koenig, Hannah Saul