White Heat

Written by: Zanita Whittington


1/ Stylestalker dress   2/ Magdalena Valevska dress   3/ Magdalena Valevska dress, Sara Phillips jacket   4/ Arabella Ramsay top   5/ Stylestalker dress   6/Sarah Phillips shirt, Magdalena Valevska skirt   7/ Magdalena Valevska jacket   8/ Sara Phillips dress

I’m sure some of you may have spotted this shoot on Jess’ Blog, Tuula – but if not – here’s my latest blogger collaboration, styled by my bestie and the most talented stylist I know, Sue-Ann of Stylestalker (check her blog HERE). Jess made this shoot so easy, perfect model good looks and proportions, all the moves.
Here’s hoping Jess actually returns from NYC so we can continue to produce plenty more collabs just like this.

Photography: ME
Stylist: Sue Ann San 
Model: Jess Stein