Zanita for Funkis

Written by: Zanita Whittington


Hot weather has finally arrived in Sydney after what feels like 3 winter seasons in row (not really cold, just wet) and that means I can present to you my Summer season Zanita for Funkis clogs! We have a red patent – neutral suede pair, a leather and suede neutral pair and a black vegie leather pair. There’s also a red suede and neutral leather pair available on the website. YOU CAN BUY’EM HERE if you like. Evan snapped these pics, my young Padawan.

As you can tell by now I’m really into cut and paste style collaging so prepare to get sick of my layering experiments in the coming months. I’m running out the door right to the ICONIC blogger breakfast, think I’ll dust of my bike and get some fresh air… sweating it out in front of the computer these past few hot days hasn’t been the most refreshing way to enjoy this heat.
I’m kinda on a roll with my blog posts right now! Feels awesome!

Outfit 1. Vintage Pants, Bonds Tee, Funkis Clogs
Outfit 2. Zanita Crawford Trench, Funkis Vegie Clogs
Outfit 3. Zanita Bourdin Shirt, Funkis Clogs