Van Vorst

Written by: Zanita Whittington

Been wanting to test Lauren for quite awhile now, something about her face, such strong lines. Her blonde hair is so amazing, she’s looking like the lovechild of Nadja Auerman and the Roswell Alien, in a good way. She’s phenomenal!!!

Can you believe we shot this in just over an hour? The fading light had me in a panic and it was about to rain. I had Lauren legging it around Bondi, quick shot here – NEXT! We even did a bit of door knocking for locations and accosted this gorgeous cat, T-Bone.
The key to getting the shot done quickly is knowing exactly what you want, and having the ability to see good natural light as you walk around your locations. Pay attention to the way light filters through doorways and windows, you can utilise the way the light wraps around your subject to flatter the face. I guess I also have the added advantage of working with really gorgous girls so that makes it easy for me! As per recent requests I’ll do my best to add my own tips  with each test/shoot I do from now on. x

I vote Lauren for Givenchy!!!

1. Stylestalker Bustier, Vintage Jumper, American Apparel tights.
2. Vintage coat, Stylestalker dress, American Apparel tights.
3. Vintage hat and gloves, Somedays Lovin coat.
4. Stylestalker dress, American Apparel tights.
5. Stylestalker shirt.
6. Stylestalker shirt and leggings, Somedays Lovin Coat.
7. As in 2.
8. Stylestalker shirt and leggings, Vintage gloves.
9. As in 2.
10. Stylestalker dress.
11. As in 2.

Photography and Styling, Me
Model, Lauren @ The Agency
Hair and Make-up, Brigitte Serhan