Shoe Time

Written by: Zanita Whittington

If you’re the kind of person who would rather see hundreds of varieties of boots in just a few minutes and find exactly what you need rather than endure the torturous hours of hunting in store for that perfect pair then likely you’re a fellow fashion blogger or online fashion junkie. Can you imagine my delight to discover I can visit one of the largest shopping centres in the world without lifting my butt away from my computer or taking off my pyjamas? My point is I was invited by Westfield to test out their new online store by purchasing a pair of boots just in time for winter and of course it was an offer I was delighted to accept.

So here’s my purchase, the Huskey boot from Mollini in black nubuck. I used to wear a pair like this to school everyday! My new winter staple, my ‘Photo-taking’ boots.
I was invited to a very cool event last week for Gideon Shoes, Kelly Cutrone made a guest appearance. In my ignorance I actually had no idea who was behind the brand but considering the celebrity support I assumed I was in for something special. What I discovered was a very cool new fashion brand with a conscience.

In 2007 Matt and Naomi Noffs started The Street University – a retreat for marginalised kids in Western Sydney. Two years later Matt and his brother Rupert came up with the idea of a shoe company whose profits would sustain it, and GIDEON SHOES was born.
Their first step was to head to Asia in early 2010 to find a manufacturer, but this research trip led them down a dark, unwelcoming path.
After visiting factories filled with both adults and children working in unacceptable conditions it soon became obvious that having GIDEON SHOES manufactured overseas simply wasn’t an option. We’re in an age where supporting sweat-shops and outsourced fashion is unforgiveable.
Today, production takes place in Australia under ethical, safe and monitored conditons – a feat for any shoe manufacturer. Even better, the shoes are handmade almost entirely from Australian materials, including cane toad hide and kangaroo leather.
GIDEON SHOES are hand-crafted and anti-sweatshop, meaning you can wear them with pride, and with your beliefs on your feet.
Support Australia. Support Young People. Support the ethics you believe in. Buy GIDEON SHOES.
Word is the brand is bringing out a gorgeous Womens shoes soon so stay tuned.

Its made from Kangaroo and Cane Toad leather!  (both animals are pests in Australia)
On another unrelated note I’d really love to own these babies but it won’t happen.

All Net-A-Porter – Charlotte Olympia, Marni, Lanvin, Reed Krakoff, Marni. *Sigh*