La Love

Written by: Zanita Whittington

Susie just returned from LA, had an amazing time and I’ve spent the last two days sulking on how I missed out. I made such great friends with some of the American Apparel crew (I miss them!) and a return trip is well overdue. Its going to happen! I just need to go for a couple weeks – so I can catch up with everyone I’d like to and plan loads of shoots with all the fantastic LA bloggers and labels. I hoping to get there in May.
I can’t believe I had forgotten to post these images from my last trip! Taghrid and Martine drove me around to a whole load of landmarks for the day – which was a bit tough – because I was kind of giving directions even though I’d never been to Los Angeles before… Thanks for putting up with me ladies!
Thankfully you can’t tell how sick I was from these pics…. long flights equal flu symptoms from hell.

All clothing and sunglasses, American Apparel