Phillipa Doll

Written by: Zanita Whittington


My test with Phillipa at Priscillas. As you can probably tell I’ve run out of ideas for names of these tests so its going to be lines from my favourite songs from this point on, can you guess the track? No cheating.
Anyway, Phillipa is a total babe and has a really bright future ahead of her. 5’11 with incredible long lines, hopefully we’ll see her gracing the global runways next season. The two of us managed to score loads of great shots in the couple hours we spent together. I’ve decided to make it a priority to get loads of headshots  for models in future tests because these are really the hardest images to gain in your portfolio and the most valuable. The front of any models card needs that essential striking beauty shot and without it, its tricky to garner the right kind of attention.

3-4. swimsuit, Somedays Lovin
5-6. shirt, Somedays Lovin. sunglasses, models own
6-7. pants, American Apparel. bra top, Staple. everything else, models own
8. shirt, American Apparel
9. jumpsuit, Somedays Lovin
11. shirt, Somedays Lovin. short, Stylestalker. shoes, Gmarket