New Work

Written by: Zanita Whittington


Pretty extensive test I shot yesterday with the incredibly beautiful Alyce Crawford (Priscillas) and the exceptionally talented Anni Hall (check her website and blog!). Alyce’s look reminds me a little of actress Robin Wright and Ali Stephens, she’s got some great angles. I did the styling, I’m very grateful to be lent some of the State of Georgia collection by the girls at Wonderland and of course plenty of Stylestalker from their current collection. Its a bit difficult to get a cohesive idea from just two collections, there’s quite a bit of my own clothes in there too.
Really need to get into using artificial lighting because these cloudy winter days are just so unreliable. We were shooting for three hours yesterday and the light was just so varied, the last half hour was glorious so those images are stronger than the rest. I also trialled my new 28mm lens which was fun.
Thanks so much to both of the girls for putting in such a fantastic effort!!

1. Stylestalker dress and crop top, Peter Lang earrings
2. Peter Lang earrings, American Apparel jacket
3. State of Georgia shoes and dress, Vintage belt
4. Stylestalker dress, Vintage jacket
5. Stylestalker dress
6. Stylestalker crop top and sequined shorts, State of Georgia bra
7. State of Georgia dress, Peter Lang earrings, Office heels
8. State of Georgia dress
9. Stylestalker dress, vintage necklace
10. Stylestalker dress, American Apparel bike shorts, Vintage jacket
11. State of Georgia tutu, Gmarket Heels, American Apparel socks.
12. State of Georgia dress, American Apparel bike shorts.

I was supposed to post an outfit from a few days ago but I got so wrapped up in editing these images… Will post it tomorrow. Zx