Sunday’S Child

Written by: Zanita Whittington

Becoming a blogger has given me so much – like my incredibly gorgeous friend from the LoveMore blog. Thanks so much Bell for working with me on this one!!

Stick around for more blogger collaborations.

Pic 1: Shirt and undies, American Apparel. Accessories worn throughout, models own.
Pic 2: Dress, Stylestalker. skirt, American Apparel.
Pic 3: Shirt and bra, American Apparel
Pic 4: denim shirt, Vintage.
Pic 5: Shirt and skirt, American Apparel. Denim jacket, Vintage. Sunglasses, Sportsgirl.
Pic 6: Shirt, Queens Wardrobe. Shorts, Models own.
Pic 7: Shirt,  Carla Zampatti. Skirt, Vintage. Hat, American Apparel.