Shit Hot

Written by: Zanita Whittington

My friend Vanessa is so gorgeous, you can see why I jumped at the chance to test with her yesterday. Shot at Iron Cove, Sydney – in front of some very still water. We only had a short window to utilise the light so unfortunately this shoot is a little bit brief – but there will be more to come from the two of us. 😉
Thankyou Susie for lending me some gear for styling x

Model, Vanessa Breuer @ Chadwicks

Pic 1: Leather jacket, Stylestalker (sorry it’s a sample!). top, Ellery. skirt, Stylestalker.
Pic 2: coat and sunglasses, vintage. dress, Models own.
Pic 3: coat, Tree of Life. swimsuit, Vintage. chain, (?)
Pic 4: dress, Stylestalker. necklace, vintage
Pic 5: As pic 3. All rings models own.