About Time

Written by: Zanita Whittington


An overdue outfit post, featuring my favourite Country Road coat again – and its still not even cold enough to be wearing it. Still, I can’t wait to get into layering – the summer has exhausted my wardrobe, its still full of winter wear and I’m a pasty winter lover. Snuggling up in tracksuit pants or my new super soft Deshabille cardigan is my idea of bliss. I also haven’t had time to buy anything new lately, all these tests that have been taking up all my time have been at the request of different modelling agencies. I love to be busy but I’m always disorganised, I’ve actually started to use the calendar on my Macbook… I may or may not being going to LA next month – here’s to new blog fodder!

cardigan, Deshabille
shorts, Trent Nathan vintage cutoffs
shoes, Doc Martens (yes, again)
tee, Kmart