Cleo’S Surprise

Written by: Zanita Whittington

Too tired this afternoon to take outfit shots so here’s some of my shots from Cleo New Zealand – I was lucky enough to work with well known Australian photographer Steven Chee and the beautiful and talented stylist Marina Didovich for this one. When they mentioned the shoot was to feature leaping and jumping I was really enthusiastic but once I got those monstrous heels on I was certainly singing a different tune. Still, I throughly enjoyed the challenge and though my footwear hindered my flailing and leaping I’m still happy with the results. How great is the hair extension? I have some extensions of my own, thinking I might dye them somehow and learn to master applying them to my own scalp to achieve this ponytail look.
Sorry my scans are so bad – I’ll try and get hold of the high resolution images to replace these.