The Stroller

Written by: Zanita Whittington

This is one of the outfits to be featured in Cleo which I be posting later in the week but I’ve decided to include the high resolution image now because its one of my favourites. It’s so fun to wear these orange culottes, they are showstoppers. Paired with my loose skeleton singlet from Stylestalker, I’m really feeling this summery flowing look.
I’m presently still in WA and having an incredible time with my family, we had a Christmas dinner followed by a surprise 21st for my little sis who is moving to Canada at the end of the month. Nothing is more important that your loved ones at this time of year. I’m so happy right now, its so peaceful to be here.
I did get a few awesome gifts, including an entire 3 seasons of Arrested Development and a Babuska doll as mySecret Santa gift. We do a Secret Santa every year in my family because there are so many of us – it’s just ridiculous to buy for everyone, besides, Christmas is about love and overeating!

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