Self Portrait 6

Written by: Zanita Whittington

Another self portrait, this one is more or less an attempt on some overlaying in photoshop. Still needs work, i’d make it a little tidier if I could do it over. I’m lagging on the blog updates again – I’m really sorry! I’ve been away the last few days at my boyfriends family reunion in the country so being a fashionista hasn’t been so practical. Tomorrow I’m flying back to my hometown for two weeks, I’m hoping for some stellar finds in the local Op-Shop and taking some nice photos at the unbelievable beaches in and around Esperance.


Thanks so much to La Mimi for my interview and vastly cool montage of my pictures, La Mimi is my new favourite source for finding other inspirational bloggers – go there now and check out Natalie Off Duty – and celebrity style and make-up trends. I love Mimi’s site!