Electric Avenue

Written by: Zanita Whittington

Finally got around to shooting part of my American Apparel editorial, when I started out the shoot the sun was shining gloriously, then it became overcast, then it started to rain… so I had to call it a day. Ill shoot the rest of it when I catch a spare moment and some sunshine. I’m wearing an Avon eyeliner on my lips and have darkened my brows, I had planned on gelling all my hair down but I think I’ll save it for next time.
I finally bought some new heels, at the bargain basement price of $50 from Raben shoes. I remember wearing these particular heels in a shoot when I first moved to Sydney but at the time didn’t have the skills to walk functionally so you can imagine my delight finding these reduced – now I’ve developed my strutting skills. These babies are definitely easing the mourning period I’m having over Australia Post losing all my favourite pairs…

pic 1
shirt, Sportsgirl
skirt and tights, American Apparel
shoes, Jante at Raben Shoes
pic 2
crop top, American Apparel
jeans, Kmart
pic 3
skirt and shirt, American Apparel