Self Portrait 4

Written by: Zanita Whittington

My blue denim shirt is quickly becoming my new staple and has inspired me to do this new self portrait. I did actually try this shot with a cigarette but it just didnt look right, considering I’m not a smoker. Not sure what it about cigarettes and fashion photography that I love so much, something to do with fatalistic youth and the ever glamourous french fashion set. Anyway, I can’t really pull of a ciggie, perhaps its got something to do with losing focus once my head starts spinning. Don’t smoke kids.

Anyway I thought I might give a bit if a run down of how I take a photo. For this particular shot I took about 180 frames, which sounds alot but with so many variables to consider its important to have alot of options – and despite what some of you might think I dont look any good in most of the shots so I gotta keep snapping away, I’m very picky. Some of the variables with this shot were:

  • My hair – it was messing up the wrong way
  • I was accidently flashing a little more skin than I intended
  • The sun kept going behind the clouds and making the light look flat
  • I held my head/shoulder/stomache at a bad angle so I looked awkward.
  • The shirt – kept puffing out too far. 
  • My expression – looked inappropriate for the mood of the photo etc
  • The light – sometimes it didnt catch my eyes (needed for extra drama)
  • The darn remote crept into shot 
  • My posture – sometimes I get a bit slouchy, its more flattering for me to pull my shoulders back
  • Blinking – I always do it.
Anyway, its pretty simple but thats just me illustrating basically all the technicalities of being a photographic model.