Bad Blogger

Written by: Zanita Whittington

So I haven’t posted in days and days – I’m such a bad blogger…. And to be honest I can’t really maintain a bounty of posts over the next few days as I’m moving house over the weekend. I’ve tried to make up for it by posting a whole load today of me trying to do something interesting.
I cant get any cool jumping pictures with a timer because its completely exhausting – most of the images look terrible, crouched mid jump etc. Someone requested in a comment a couple weeks ago to see a picture of my boyfriend so I thought it might be fitting to post one today because he took all these photos for me. Anyway, this picture was snapped at my birthday at Jazushi (Jazz + Sushi = Jazushi!!!) and is my new favourite of the two of us together. Is he cute!?

silk dress, Funkulo by Sam Elsom
bag, Vintage
sequin shoes, Palm Beach Shoes