100 Posts

Written by: Zanita Whittington

So this is my 100th post and I wish I had something a little more inspired to post about but I’m completely exhausted. Over the last week I have attended SO many castings and had two shows (perhaps more in the next week, perhaps not) and its really taken it out of me. To be very honest I’d have to say that the castings have been harder than I expected, not only because there is so much effort to travel between them but because there are masses of amazing show specialist models waiting in line at every single one and though I feel confident in my ability to work in the shows I’m a little bit more woman than most designers will bargain for (and proud of it!!!). In the end I do what I can and I’m really happy to have done the shows I’ve been booked for. I’ll be posting up pictures in the next few days of backstage for all to see but for now the above outfit is what I wore on friday – I had my picture taken for Australian Oyster, Italian Amica and Russian Vogue so if anyone sees me in any of these let me know! I think it was the scarf that piqued the photographers attention, its a winner, I bought it in Harajuku when I was on holiday in Tokyo and I think it could be good luck. Gotta represent with my Aussie colours too!

Bowler Hat, vintage purchased in Hamburg
Scarf, vintage purchased in Tokyo
Cardigan, Zara
Jeans, Lee
Shirt, H&M
Bag, Mimco
Heels, Irregular choice (NEW!!) I bought them because I broke my strappy Mollinis 🙁