Tokyo Airport

Written by: Zanita Whittington

Probably not the most exciting pictures I could post up but at this stage its the best I could do, some old pictures from my last trip to Japan exactly one year ago. The reason I havent been able to post any of my more recent – the exchange rate is half of what it was when i was here last and it was going to cost $40 for one evening of internet in my hotel room. No thanks! So sincere apologies for my lack of postage, running around doing last minute things for my trip has taken up all my time and inspiration. Im disappointed I didnt get to showcase the last of my summer wardrobe before I endure the entire year of cold weather but tough cookies.
So right now Im in Tokyo airport on a dodgy net cafe PC (urgh, im such a Mac girl) and awaiting my 12 hour flight to London. Looks like I might be bumping around a bit before settling, perhaps a trip to germany will be on the cards? Anyway – Im still hanging out for a good blog session so I can catch up with all my favourite bloggers. I miss you!
Note on photos: The first pic is me in Akihabara, the electronics district of Tokyo – unbelievable place, couldnt use a better way to describe it other than totally electric and a feast for the senses. Must be seen to be believed.
The second is taken on the subway, I took this photo at eye level for myself. Stand out much?
I love Japan so much! It feels so great to be here even just for the briefest of encounters, the food, the people, the culture – Ill be back again no doubt.

beanie, 100 Yen shop (haha!)