Marble Arch

Written by: Zanita Whittington

Finally managed some pictures outfit pictures, pretty simple outfit but a classic style all the same. Neutral top, leather jacket, jeans and black heels – I froze my butt off taking off my big brown coat but these pictures are pretty fun in the tourist location. My new friend and fellow Aussie Catelle took them for me after our go-see near Marble Arch, I’ve included a little pic of her and also the beautiful Nicole from New Zealand. Have been outrageously busy with running around but I’ve already made some new friends so I’m feeling very positive about being here now. I’m pretty excited at the moment because tomorrow I’m shooting an editorial with photographer Paul Farrell and I’m liking his work so it will be great to see the results.

ALSO Big Hello to Josh Van Gelder for whom I cast with today and was recognised through him stumbling across my blog. Its always amazing the reach these blogs get to… Josh if you are reading this – I loved our little chat and thankyou for your words of encouragement! Hope to run into you again soon.

Jacket, gift from Susie and Rach
shirt, H&M
jeans, Wrangler
heels, Mollini
chain, Vintage